The Client Journey

Artwork by Chuck Elliott

There are many metaphors used to explain life: “Life is a river”, “Life is a box of chocolates” and “Life is an uphill battle”, to name but a few. However, we like to keep it simple and say that “Life is a journey”, and so is your financial planning process with us.

This journey doesn’t have to be full of bumps in the road and you can trust us to get you where you want to be. We’re in this together and will create a bespoke path for you to take – if only life could be like that all the time.

By following a four-stage process, we will get you where you want to be.

Step 1

Understanding your hopes and aspirations

Every good plan starts with taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Held at our expense, this is where we find out what plans you already have in place, understand your risk profiles, goals and visions, and then start building a picture based on what we’ve discovered.

Step 2

Your plan starts to come together

You can relax for a little while as we get to work with researching various scenarios to make the best use of your existing plans. From here, we recommend how you build on them to give yourself the best opportunity to achieve your goals.

Step 3

Putting your plan into action

Most clients let us implement their plans. We’ll work on your behalf with the provider and lender to save you precious time and guarantee your plans are set up correctly. Alternatively, you may wish to do this yourself, which is just fine, and we only charge you for our time and advice.

Step 4

Refining your plans annually

Life can be a roller coaster at times, so it makes sense to check the progress and make sure you’re still heading in the right direction. We suggest doing this annually so you can discover if your plans are affected by changes to legislation or taxation.

A positive outcome

And just like that, you’re ticking experiences off your bucket list and are reaping the benefits of having a financial adviser who takes care of you and your family’s future.

We have a fantastic eye for detail, and know what our clients are going to ask before they even say anything. For us, there’s no greater joy than seeing our clients living their best life as a result of the work we’ve achieved.


Matthew did a thorough audit of our current and projected circumstances and guided us through the minefield of financial planning. He’s given us sound advice and continues to proactively look after our portfolio, tipping us off when it’s time to switch or tweak investments.


I previously managed my own investments, but it came to the stage where I was investing fairly significant sums, had less time to focus on it, and was investing on behalf of family members. I decided I needed a second opinion. Matthew has been very helpful, friendly and responsive.


Matthew leaves no stone unturned to ensure that he completely understands your financial position. He explains everything properly, so you can make an informed decision before agreeing to anything. He also acts for my clients as I'm a small business accountant.


Matthew offers a professional service, understanding our goals and needs. He pays attention to our attitude to risk for our family finances and my business. He’s a source of trusted advice for all things financial whenever we need it and has provided us with clear, impartial guidance.