DIY investors who need help

Artwork by Chuck Elliott

You’ve done a good job investing your money alone so far and we commend you for that. Time is short, and even though it’s something you’re passionate about, life is keeping you preoccupied.

What if we said you could still have full access and continue with some DIY investing, but benefit from ongoing advice from a planner? Dream no more! No matter how adept you are, receiving a sense check is never a bad idea.

You won’t be charged any more annually than what you’re already paying with a DIY platform like Hargreaves Lansdown.

We would carry out a full review of your existing portfolio and platform charges. If beneficial for you, we could transfer your portfolio to a more competitive platform, then gradually tweak and switch your portfolio to help re-balance and improve returns, along with providing the ongoing support you need.

The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.

Where we come in

Reassurance you’re doing well

We’re not here to drastically change anything. We still want you to feel in control, but the added benefit is the ongoing advice you receive.

Giving you precious time back

With our hybrid advice model, you can spend more time enjoying your money, safe in the knowledge that your investments are working hard in the background.

Fees based on your circumstances

We are very flexible and competitive with our fees. We can personalise them to suit you and we want to be sure you receive value for money.

We use cutting-edge technology

Your goals are important, so we haven’t just settled for average technology. By using the most suitable platform for your circumstances, you can keep an eye on things and even still invest yourself.


I previously managed my own investments, but it came to the stage where I was investing fairly significant sums, had less time to focus on it, and was investing on behalf of family members. I decided I needed a second opinion. Matthew has been very helpful, friendly and responsive.


Matthew gave me a complete, in depth review of my investments. Matthew is always well informed and gives impartial and appropriate recommendations. He is easily contactable and always conducts himself professionally. He is a good communicator, always enthusiastic and shows integrity.

Sally Williams