Business Owners

Artwork by Chuck Elliott

As a business owner, you’re in demand. Not only are you being pulled in a hundred different directions by your staff, but you’ve also got your family to think about and care for. But who is there to look after you?

That’s where we step in. Quite often, we know what our clients will ask and what their worries are before they even open their mouths. Think of us as having Jedi-like mind skills…

We’ll be that voice at the other end of the phone, and we’ll welcome you into our home with open arms to chat through your financial worries, so you can focus more on your business and the things you care about. Being entrusted with your money is a privilege we never take for granted.

Where we come in

Understanding what’s possible for you

By modelling different scenarios, we will help you understand what’s possible in the future for you personally and your business so you know where your life is taking you.

Bespoke solutions for your needs

We work around you and will tailor advice to suit you. We are happy to work with analytical business owners and those who want to delegate their finances fully.

Fees based on your circumstances

We are very flexible and competitive with our fees. We can personalise them to work for you and we want to be sure you receive value for money.

Forming a succession plan

We’ll look at the options available to you when you decide to leave and put a solid plan in place to help you retire or step away from the business.


Matthew did a thorough audit of our current and projected circumstances and guided us through the minefield of financial planning. He’s given us sound advice and continues to proactively look after our portfolio, tipping us off when it’s time to switch or tweak investments.


Matthew offers a professional service, understanding our goals and needs. He pays attention to our attitude to risk for our family finances and my business. He’s a source of trusted advice for all things financial whenever we need it and has provided us with clear, impartial guidance.


Matthew leaves no stone unturned to ensure that he completely understands your financial position. He explains everything properly, so you can make an informed decision before agreeing to anything. He also acts for my clients as I'm a small business accountant.